Well well. Since I am one of the few out here in this community that has a lot of spare time, I will go ahead and make a post.

I was thinking about everyone’s website today, and I realized that everyone has the same type of interaction system – comments. I decided to role play as Steve Jobs, for God knows why, and change things up a little. I am going to add a new section to comments that says “First Word that Comes to Mind”.

The idea is to get the initial response, no matter how random, of the reader. Maybe this will provide more exciting posts in the future based on the initial word feedback. If the first words are “sucky” or “boring” then maybe I won’t post on that particular subject as much.

If the first words are “awesome” or “interesting” maybe I will expand on those types of posts. All of this is experimentation, I just was in the mood for something new.

PS, since this is Blogkomm, if anyone else is interested, then maybe I will create a tutorial on how I did this for people who would like to add this feature.

Have fun everyone.



  1. Mr Frosti says:

    At the very leat, I have now made myself sleepy, and can finally go to bed. God, I need a real hobby.


  2. John says:

    Thant is the first thing that popped into my mind when reading your post. It is not how I see it after reading the whole thing and thinging on it for a minute though. This sounds pretty interesting and I look forward to seeing how it goes. It is kinda like meta moderation by keywords.


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