Is it just me or does the entertainment industry seem to be in a suck-streak? Most of the movies in theatres are no-plot action flicks; all the latest video game demos are crappy unoriginal works (mostly FPS); and all of the big games seem to be in permanent postponment. Come on world, there has got to be some brains left in this wasteland of A.D.D. Give me something worth my time!



  1. Johnathon says:

    *clone post* Hey, my blog is up and running (thanks to John) and wanted to give you guys the address. You can find it <a href="http://malice3.is-a-geek.com">here</a&gt;. I would like for you guys to link it, if you want, and await your approval to link yours to mine. Here's to BLOGGIN'!


  2. Chris says:

    Doom3 will be here the first week of august. Woohoo


  3. John says:

    Has ADD become your catch phrase? LoTR was definatly for the people with short attention spans. Just because no epic movies have come out in 4 months you say the "entertainment industry seem to be in a suck-streak." You apear to be the one with ADD. Can you not wait for movies to be finished? Hero and the The Incredibles are both coming this fall, which typically is the season for good to great movies. The summer almost always has action movies as its main staple.


  4. William says:

    I thought Spiderman 2 was great. 😛


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