Brian ordered a three piece chicken from Popeye’s yesterday. A lady came out, gave him seven and smiled about it. Brian gave the extra chicken to me, and now I know why she was smiling. That chicken lit my ass up from 7 – 9. I couldn’t even sit in a chair… I survived and have a message for all “Be weary of free chicken from demented smiling people working at Popeye’s”



  1. Johnathon says:

    Yeah, but I bet it didn't feel as bad as that one time… oh, uh, sorry. NOTHING!!! GOD, QUIT JUDGING ME.


  2. Mr Frosti says:

    You have now tainted my website. It was only a matter of time


  3. Bellona says:

    #1. Beware of Popeye's chicken period. #2. Didn't yo mama tell you not to except free things from strangers?


  4. Bellona says:

    I meant accept not except.


  5. Johnathon says:

    Well, if the truth taints, then so be it. Besides, make me a blog already, then you can taint mine.


  6. John says:

    The chicken may have had problems, but the fact still remains that Brian complained or 45min that someone gave him extra. If I had to hear him cry abou not being able to eat it all once more I was going to shove that box of chicken down his throat.


  7. Johnathon says:

    I love blogs…


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