My bro ordered a Western Digital 80 GB (Special Edition) hard drive yesterday, so when it comes in, I get his old one. Suprnova will once again dominate our internet connection. It is amazing how much space you think you have, and how quickly it fills up and you feel like you need more.



  1. Johnathon says:

    Piracy are bad. Kthxbye.


  2. Johnathon says:

    And how the hell do you get a "special edition" harddrive? What, does it come with some Yu-Gi-Oh cards or something?!


  3. Mr Frosti says:

    Actually, it comes with a limited edition of the Aliens "Pentilogy" and a really cool PEZ dispenser


  4. Mohsin says:

    80 gigs, thats it. I run out of space on my 200. 🙂


  5. Johnathon says:

    OK, the Alien dig was uncalled for… that hurt me inside.


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