The service at I Love Sushi seemed to be stressed last night. It took a while to get the drinks to us, and the food took much much longer. To speed things up, I decided I would knock over the Miso soup onto Carrie, Sarah’s guest. I wasn’t surprised that Kristin didn’t care for the sushi much, but I was happy that she tried it. I have never seen anyone chew one piece of California roll almost 200 times before swallowing. John Wallom chose to dine with us rather than see Troy. Even David came and tried several pieces of what I am sure he calls “bait”. It was a fun night though, and I am happy everyone went.



  1. Bellona says:

    It was 201 times to be exact. And for the first 5 seconds I thought, ' You know, this stuff isn't half bad' . And that is when my brain started to recieve the bad taste signals. It was all down hill from there.


  2. Kain says:

    I very much agree that what I ate in that place was what I pain $3.95 for last time I was fishing on a pier in Florida. But it was at least edible, I will say that the Wasabi was good but the chef tripped with it on the sushi. But, a word of advice for all that eat sushi, it is not the food to eat before you go drinking… lesson learned.


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