It was brought to my attention what an unruly bastard I have been. This is for you James Fries:

I would like to apologize for the cruel turnaround time in replying to an email sent to me from James. I sincerly hope that your feelings were not hurt, and that your life was in no remote way altered by the harshness of my bastardly ways. The lack of response had nothing to do with you as a person. I have no quams with your ways, or life choices, or job preferences. I respect you and your addiction to DAoC. We all have a hubrus, and it is not for me to judge. I never meant to hurt you, and I ask from the bottom or my heart for understanding, and I wish to be chastised. I have seen the wrong in my doings, and now wish to repent. I beg forgiveness for my actions from the only person that matters in my life. Keep on smiling James Fries, and know that I love you! And I will eventually get around to writing a response to said email.


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  1. jamesf says:

    It's ok ben. I was like you at one time… I never gave a thought to anyone but myself.I believe it's spelled hubris, and I can see that your's knows no bounds. 🙂 Oh and leave the fantastical DAoC out of this.


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