Well, since I am down here in SSSS (read that as purgatory), I will make another post. For anyone who hasn’t been to the Renaissance Festival, it kicks a whole lot of medieval ass. If you have a 99X Freeloader’s Card, the admission is buy one ($12) get one free. Get a turkey leg, throw ninja stars, buy a sword, try on a kilt, get a swinging chair, and have a whole lotza’ fun!

Also, I am planning a SUSHI dinner for anyone who is interested after finals are over. A group of us are going to meet at “I Love Sushi” in Conyers. If you are interested, send me an email at csu16451@mail.claytonstate.net and I will keep you updated. If you have never tried it, don’t worry, neither have the Cowboy or my girlfriend – so you won’t be alone.



  1. Kain says:

    Yes…I am going to try sushi. And in the only words that come to mind on the subject come from James Fries and that is, "Cowboy Up and do it." It should be an interesting night. I heard that you were liking the man dress at the festival. Next thing you will paint your face and call yourself William Wallace. But what you do in your own home is your business. But yes SUSHI is ON!!


  2. John says:

    Does that place serve anything other than Sushi?


  3. Bellona says:

    It's great to see another person has joined us geeks in medieval festivities. But I'm also sorry to hear that my sushi hell is so close.


  4. Mr Frosti says:

    John – Actually yes there are other foods, but that like going to Longhorn's and ordering Princess Tenders


  5. William says:

    You know I've lived in Georgia all my life and have seen the commercials for the festival since I was a wee lad (Har!). But going never occured to me. I might have to though.


  6. John says:

    No, it is more like I would rather drink batery acid than to have sushi. And yes, I have had it several times, several different kinds, and hated it all.


  7. The Evil One (Wyn) says:

    Ben wore a skirt! heheheheehe! My life is now complete 🙂


  8. jamesf says:

    sushi to me is like a drug. I'm fine right now since I haven't had it for a while, but as soon as I eat some I'll start buying it off of dealers on street corners. Or I love sushi which is probably just as bad.


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