I would like to point out to John after a flaming post about my not having the ability to leave comments on my website, that now that I have gone through the effort of creating comments, no one is using them. So I have decided to stir up the audience a little bit. Maybe I have been too passive with my posts, so I will try hard to get a rise out of the readers here.

Lets start off with the telling the US to go fuck itself. Umm, lets see… Longhorn’s food tastes like crap. Uh… John Wallom smells like garbage. Wendy loves Al, and Mohsin is working for Oshama. Ah!! Linux pales in comparison to Windows in every category! Computers suck and help desk employees will never have a date, and Desktop Days are torture. Well, what else can I burn – I think that Vin Diesel is better than Kevin Spacy, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, and Julia Roberts all combined.

So people, if that isn’t enough flaming hoo-ha above to get the comments rolling in, then I give up.



  1. Kain says:

    LOL….that has to be some of the funniest stuff I have read in a while. Never have I started laughing while reading something of this nature. And I always knew he was a terrorist 🙂


  2. Mohsin says:

    You shall be the first of millions to be sacrificed in the name of Osama.


  3. Guin says:

    You jackass. You ARE a help desk employee… so that's bashing your own self. Retard. And you're also banned from LongHorn! As well as D-days! Seriously, it was okay about Mohsin, cuz he is a terrorist and all, but c'mon, that thing about Al pushed it a bit too far 🙂 Had to make me go all hateful and stuff, now didnt ya?


  4. It's about time someone made some sense.


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