Well, the day has come. It seems like I have finally destroyed my new toy called Debian. I tried to custom compile the kernel and managed to not only install a bad primary source, but also mislinked my backup source. Looks like I will be installing Debian again from scratch. I know there are recovery techniques (I would hope), but now that I am more comfortable with the install, I will do it again cleanly. Ah, the smell of progress…

After a furious battle with Debian, I opted through no coincidence to watch 12 Angry Men. An excellent movie that everyone should see as part of their courtroom education. Henry Fonda nailed the passive hero role on the head.

Also, I think it amusing to mention that Kristin (who has no money like me 🙂 ) has decided that she will be purchasing a $200 cage for her two, soon to be three, guinue pigs. I have offered to build her the same cage for about $50 in parts but she seems hesitant to take the offer. I can’t understand why, being that I have built a basement in record time. No, wait – I am still working on that one.

And yes people. The day for a LAN here is soon approaching. 16 network ports have been installed and tested, with 54g wireless broadband internet access. I will talk to my dad about borrowing some folding tables and lots of chairs for as many people as we can cram down here. Pictures of the basement and the Debian website soon.



  1. Bellona says:

    Wanting to buy a cage instead of having you build one is an idea that I'm sure more than one person would sympathize with. It is my intention to avoid my piggies being killed by a defective cage and I need the cage this year. Ok sweetie.


  2. Mr Frosti says:

    I sense that someone's confidence in my building is a little shaky…


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