Don’t hate PCI Express. The current PCI bus has a peak bandwidth of 133 MB/s for all devices to pool. This is a serious bottleneck, which has brought about the AGP bus. (As ISA bottlenecks spawned PCI) It looks now, like AGP was a temporary fix to a greater problem, as the PCI bus is still limited. Rather than having specialized buses, Intel is going back to a standard bus for all devices, with a scalable bandwidth, dedicated to each device.

Also, nVidia (which is dead to me after last years sales fiasco) is trying to make a comeback on my company, ATI with this new card. It impressively runs its memory at 1100 mhz, and hit 12,000 in 3DMark03.


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  1. Falqon says:

    The problem isn't PCI express itself, it's the BTX form factor that is going to be shoved down our throats along wtih it.


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