I have started to read “The Universe in a Netshell” by Stephen Hawking, and my suggestion right now is for everyone to read this book. Chapter One outlines how to build a nuclear weapon, and Chapter Two jumps straight into quantum mechanics. From what I understand, a nuclear weapon draws its power from a comparingly insignificant amount of matter. If the matter in the human body were to be destroyed, it would be an apoctalyptic event for Earth. Of course, we posess neither the scientific equipment nor the power to accomplish such a feat. A good read for anyone curious about the universe in an untraditional sense.

Feeling scholarly, I also showed Darren Aronofsky’s Pi to Matt. You might remember him from such films as “Requiem for a Dream” (also fantastic) We were discussing Hawkin’s works earlier and theorms and the Tora’s code.


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