Well, the Regular Guys Show has been canned. They are the latest victims of the Macarthy-esk FCC crackdown on “indecent content”. When will this tyranny end? There is now a gap in morning shows. I made a desperate attempt to listen to the 99X morning show, and it was a mistake. They are completely immature and just rude. Not funny, just obnoxious. I have been robbed of my morning routine, and I would encourage everyone to write your congressmen, about the FCC’s actions.



  1. John says:

    Too bad the FCC didn't can those two ass hats. Clear channel President fired them under no pressure from the FCC. It was due to a zero tolerance policy on the part of Clear Channel Radio.


  2. jamesf says:

    Man, I love 96 rock in morning now… they actually play music.


  3. Kain says:

    play music….ha I listened to them on multiple occasions and the only thing I ever got were their imature antics with southside Steve.


  4. Bellona says:

    Who cares. Anyone who listens to that station has questionable taste in the first place.


  5. Mr Frosti says:

    Yeah, like Southside Steve is infatuated with the Bon Jovi crap.


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