Well, several things have been going on lately. First off, I am sure that you have seen the MAJOR CSS problems I am having. I have the PHP working, however all of my styles are GONE. I will ask John if he comes in today, since he is the .css master. (I hope)


Yesterday smoothed out a lot of the bumps in the road. I am now comfortable with directory structures and basic manipulation of files through a terminal, however the more knowledge of advanced functions would have been nice. I tried a text based ftp client for about two minutes before I moved on to “gftp”. Some things are just easier with a GUI, no matter what anyone says.

tk-Seti@home is up and running and pumping out results every 6 hours (beating my home computer which has a 2600+ CPU
Sylpheed-Claws is configured to manage my emails, and GAIM does instant messaging.

I have also decided that I am going to make a walkthrough for anyone who wants to experiment with Debian on a laptop. There is a lot of stuff you have to know to do (unlike sticking a Windows CD in and waiting). It will be on my left sidebar under projects. Check it out from time to time.

Debian aside, the shower has been installed in my basement, and within a week (hopefully) I will have my very own bathroom in the basement. And everyone knows what that means… LAN PARTY!!!

And to top of this Faulkner-esk blog post, I am happy to say that Longhorn was a pleasure to be at last night. After, that is, the Depp bashfest was countered with cracks about Johnny Cash’s new CD stopping at track 7 because he fell over dead. 🙂

I’ll shut up now…


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  1. Mohsin says:

    Glad you found your phone. 🙂


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