If you have ever heard someone say that a particular piece of software is the spawn of satan, and they are aluding to Windows, you can now tell them that they are wrong. Flash MX 2004 has been the latest thorn in my life. Using it makes you feel worse inside than the remorse you feel for seeing the hobos getting shot with paintball guns.

Macromedia has decided to convert the Flash MX trial version into MX 2004 when you register it, updating the software as necessary. And there is a difference between MX and MX 2004, namely the entire process of writing Actionscript. And there is simply little to no tutorials out there for the new actionscript. Macromedia has released a product that has no support to it. And after fumbling through an entire day of tutorials that didn’t match my software, I can say that Flash trumps anything Windows has ever done.


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